Every staircase is a unique project and our team can work with you to ensure the perfect solution.

We can build staircases directly from plans that you provide – although we would normally recommend a site visit to ensure that any problems with access or the design will be flagged up before work starts on your staircase.

Working with your architect and builder we can provide advice and suggestions as to what kind of staircase would work best and any technical constraints that there may be – both in terms of the feasibility of building the design and also ensuring that building control standards are met.

Once the design has been approved and the staircase manufactured by our craftsmen we will arrange for delivery of your staircase at a time that suits your builder. When a staircase is manufactured we ‘build’ it in the workshop to ensure the quality of the workmanship before dismantling it and transporting it to your property. Depending on the type and design of the staircase some may be transported in larger sections than others.

On delivery your own tradesmen would install the staircase but our team are always on hand to help if required.

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